Judith Handke

Joy, motivation, admiration, happiness, wonderful people… huge thanks to all of you for this unique opportunity!

Nadine Hochuli
Ich möchte mich ganz herzlich bedanken, für die rundum grossartige Woche.
Die Melodien der wunderschönen Musik sind immer in meinem Kopf….:-) ein einmaliger Nachhall von Ruse!
Elisabeth Bosshard

Yes, the great music still resounds in our ears, and our hearts are filled with the intense experiences of the OrchestrAMATA week. There were moments of doubts that we can do it all. You encouraged us. There were moments when we were far away from perfection, but you supported us, being tolerant and appreciative. There were moments of tension and relaxation. There were moments when we were proud of our progress and there were moments when we could blissfully indulge in the beautiful sounds of the music. Emotion in its purest form.

The Project

July 13-22, 2021, Ruse, Bulgaria

The Allegra Festival is thrilled to announce the second edition of OrchestrAMATA. The unique orchestra academy for students, talented young players and dedicated amateur musicians offers outstanding benefits: Playing side-by-side with top professionals from leading Swiss professional orchestras, the members of OrchestrAMATA will prepare an outstanding program of symphonic highlights.

During an intense week of rehearsals, the participants will be immersed in a highly-inspiring working atmosphere, guided by veteran orchestral players of the highest caliber. Not only will they profit from the experienced leadership in the ensemble setting, but also from one-on-one coachings during sectionals. Technical guidance, practical tips, personal insight, and anecdotal extras from the fascinating world of symphonic playing will round off this all-encompassing experience and give the participants a rare inside look into the inner workings of successful orchestral playing. The program will be presented in a final celebration concert within the festival setting.

The rehearsal week will be completed with an attractive array of trips and guided tours to the spectacular surroundings of Ruse. The social program is completely at the participants’ choice and open to their significant others as well.

The OrchestrAMATA program 2021:


Alphons Czibulka: Liebestraum nach dem Balle, op. 364
Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 4., E flat major (1878/80)

The total cost for the full project is €1190 p.P.. It includes the course fee, accommodation in selected hotels (SR with breakfast), airport transfers, and the cost for the festive dinner after the final concert. Additionally, trips and guided tours will be offered. Further information is available under EXCURSIONS. Please consult the ACCOMMODATION menu for the costs and hotel details. Significant others of participating members are welcome as well and will be able to benefit from the special hotel package deals.

OrchestrAMATA offers a 25% discount on the official package fee for applicants aged 25 and under.

Members of EOV affiliated orchestras receive an exclusive 10% discount on the official fees. Please indicate your EOV member orchestra in the sign up form.

Big and bulky instruments like double basses and percussion instruments will be provided by the festival on-site and won’t have to be brought along by the participants.

We recommend traveling to Ruse via Bucharest or Varna.

In addition to OrchestrAMATA, the 2021 edition of the Allegra Festival will feature the premiere of the choral project VoxAMATA. Collaborations between the two ensembles are being planned for the future.