Masterclass Fees

Application fee: €50 per person (non-refundable)
The fee for active participants is €365, payable upon acceptance due May 25, 2021.
10% discount on the participation fee for those who apply and pay the application fee before April 15, 2021!

We fully understand the difficulty of making long-term travel plans in the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, we encourage you to apply as we believe we will be able to host our masterclasses in person and enjoy making music together. In case we are unable to proceed with the in-person plan due to further government restrictions we can assure you that you will be notified instantly and your application fee will be refunded.

Allegra Foundation has established a scholarship fund that provides financial aid to a limited number of students. The selection of the scholarship recipients and exact amount of financial aid will be determined by the faculty and administration after the application deadline.

We also offer accommodation arrangements in a centrally-located three-star hotel (including transfer from and to Bucharest airport) for additional €35 per day in a single room, or €25 per day per person in a double room. 
If you wish to be accommodated together with a friend, please contact us for details.

13.07.2021 – 19.07.2021 / Prof. Svetlin Roussev
14.07.2021 – 20.07.2021 / Prof. Wilfried Strehle
14.07.2021 – 20.07.2021  / Diyang Mei
14.07.2021 – 20.07.2021  / Prof. László Fenyö
14.07.2021 – 21.07.2021 / Prof. Peter Somodari
14.07.2021 – 23.07.2021 / Prof. Sebastian Hamann
15.07.2021 – 21.07.2021 / Rainer Honeck
15.07.2021 – 21.07.2021 / Prof. Albena Danailova