ISA Allegra

International Summer Academy Allegra (ISA Allegra) began its existence in 2014 in Ruse, Bulgaria, and is developing steadily and dynamically. Every season, the number of the students and the audience in our concert halls are growing significantly. In 2014 Allegra started with 3 masterclasses and 35 participants from 13 countries, and in 2018 the Academy offered 9 masterclasses with 90 participants from 21 countries. Last summer, more than 150 musicians took part in the festival program.

Among the professors and musicians engaged in Allegra and sharing its magic are internationally-renowned pedagogues and artists such as Prof. Svetlin Roussev (Bulgaria), Prof. Bartek Niziol (Switzerland), Piano Duo Genova & Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Prof. Johannes Schlaefli (Switzerland), Prof. Wim Van Hasselt (Belgium), Prof. Andreas Herrmann (Germany), Prof. Fabio Di Càsola (Switzerland), Prof. Andreas von Wangenheim (Germany), James Lowe (Great Britain), Prof. Sebastian Hamann (Germany), Prof. Peter Somodari (Hungary), Prof. Markus Utz (Germany), Prof. Denis Rouger (France).

Our masterclasses are open for advanced high school students, college students, and professionals. Participants work on solo repertoire as well as prepare for recitals, solo concertos, auditions, and competitions.

ISA Allegra also offers various performance opportunities at different venues throughout the festival.