Festival Orchestra

Festival Orchestra

We are excited to announce, that in its 2018 edition, ISA Allegra is forming for the first time its own Festival Orchestra, members of which will be participants in the string masterclasses. This is a new highlight for audiences and performers alike and a key element of the programming of the festival.

With the Festival Orchestra ISA Allegra substantially widens the scope of its repertoire and offers additional opportunities for the young artists to experience playing in a bigger musical entity, guided by their respective teachers and in dialogue with the players of the other instrumental groups.

Musicians for this particular Orchestra will be chosen from the applicants* for the string masterclasses and are eligible for scholarships which will cover the fee for the accommodation in Ruse.

*Just like the regular masterclasses, applications for the orchestra require a video link. Please indicate if you are interested in joining the YFCO for the 2018 Festival. The minimum age for playing in the Festival Orchestra is 16, exceptions are possible. Participants in the Festival Orchestra arrive on July 12, 2019. The costs for accommodation are covered by the scholarship.