21.07.2022 | 7.30pm | Bulgaria Hall

Felix Mendelssohn – Bartholdy
String Octet Op. 20, Es Dur
– Allegro moderato ma con fuoco
– Andante
– Scherzo: Allegro leggierissimo
– Presto

Franz Schubert
String Quintet D. 956, C Dur
– Allegro ma non troppo
– Adagio
– Scherzo. Presto Trio. Andante sostenuto
– Allegretto

Boris Garlitsky – violin
Lora Markova – violin
Sergey Malov – Violin
Pauline van der Rest – violin
Wilfried Strehle – viola
Nimrod Guez – viola
Kyril Zlotnikov – cello
Atanas Krastev – cello

Tickets 25/ 30/ 35/ 40/ 45
Duration 75min


When the stars humble themselves and serve – this is chamber music; chamber music gives birth to new constellations, it constellates. Super-giants lend a hand to supernovae, they make music together. Chamber communication makes the double stars, but there are no dwarf stars here. Musicians of the future play together with people who are the happy present of our art. The String Octet of the 16-year-old  Mendelssohn’s is the perfect place for such communication – “with its youthful aspiration, brilliance and perfection, it is one of the musical wonders of the 19th century.” Here is also the perfect masterpiece of the tragically mature 31-year-old Schubert, The Quintet with Two Cellos, completed three years after Mendelssohn’s opus. Both works can rarely be experienced live in our country. Even more – born on stage from the dialogue of exceptional and dedicated musicians.